Most Gun Laws have Nothing to do with Safety

DrillSafetyFinger_1600The people who would ban or limit guns would also have you believe that they’re doing it in the interest of safety. In most cases, that is a flat-out lie.

Every gun owner I know is very concerned with safety, often to the point of annoyance. When I first learned about firearms, safety rules were drilled into me again and again before I was allowed to even touch a gun. To this day I cannot even hold a drill with my finger on the trigger due to these gun safety rules. Gun safety is that ingrained in me.

For those who have never heard of them, these are the four gun safety rules are as written by Col. Jeff Cooper in the 1970’s. (more…)

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There Is No Such Thing As Common Sense

A seemingly ubiquitous phrase in today’s gun control debates is common sense, as in “Common sense gun laws”. This phrase is used in an attempt to invalidate the opposing view since it suggests that anyone who disagrees is devoid of common sense. It’s an almost clever way of trapping someone in an argument because no one wants to admit to being stupid. But what is common sense, really?  (more…)

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